Scrumpy 1.4.5 Released! Featuring minor fixes and performance enhancements
27 Sep 2009 21:49

Scrumpy 1.4.4 Released! Featuring a Story Preview Pane and improved application Dialogs
16 Aug 2009 23:09

Scrumpy 1.4.3 Released! Featuring Story CSV File Export, enhanced Import and improved usability
09 Aug 2009 21:51

Scrumpy 1.4.2 Released! Featuring Story Card Printing
03 Aug 2009 11:27

Scrumpy 1.4 Released! Context sensitive Forecast Date selection and Improved Velocity calculation
16 Jun 2009 08:18

Scrumpy 1.3 Released! Featuring Product, Release, Team and Sprint archiving.
08 Jun 2009 23:15

Scrumpy 1.2 Released! Featuring intranet Product Backlog publication.
29 May 2009 09:57

Scrumpy 1.1 Released! New features and fixes.
17 May 2009 22:51

Scrumpy 1.0 Released! A different kind of Scrum tool makes its début
08 May 2009 20:32

Scrumpy is a free Scrum tool specifically designed to help a Product Owner maintain a Backlog of User Stories. It gives you a rational basis for providing meaningful answers to key questions like "When is this feature likely to be done?" and "What is likely to be done by this date?".


Scrumpy's feature set has been carefully scoped to compliment your existing Scrum practices i.e. the ones involving a wall, sticky pieces of paper and people talking to each other. It assists with your day to day Backlog maintenance and provides you with a meaningful long term view that helps you to manage the expectation of your stakeholders. Scrumpy is more in keeping with the Agile value of "People and Interactions..." than many tools on offer. It gives you the help you need but without trying to take over your world.


Essential Day-to-Day Backlog Management

  • Models your Portfolio of Products, Releases, Teams and Sprints simply and naturally.
  • Drag and Drop Story prioritisation and User Story Release and Sprint assignment.
  • Highlights active Sprints and incomplete Releases so you can see more clearly what is happening right now.
  • Archiving of Products, Teams, Releases and Sprints so that you can focus on what is current.

Iteration & Release Planning

  • Captures and charts Story Points Committed and User Stories Done by Sprint.
  • Prints your Story Cards for an iteration.
  • Helps the Team understand and monitor their Velocity over time.
  • Gives the Team the information they need to know how much work they are likely to complete in a Sprint.
  • Helps the Team to measure the effect of engineering practice improvements.

Long Term Product View

  • Shows you the trajectory of the Product i.e. the rate at which work is being added to the Backlog, the rate at which work is being done and the rate at which the total work outstanding is changing.
  • Helps you to understand and communicate where the Product is in its development lifecycle.
  • Helps you to establish and communicate your resourcing requirements.

Expectation Management

  • User Story Done Date Forecasts tell you when each Story is likely to be done and when a specific Release is likely to be available.
  • Provides User Story Done Date confidence levels based on past minimum, average and maximum Product Velocity.
  • Radiate your Product Backlog, Sprint & Release Stories for stakeholders to view on your intranet.

Low Impact

  • Simple, focussed, coherent and robust.
  • Sits well with your existing Scrum practices.
  • Doesn't stiffle Team communication.
  • Doesn't create an illusion of greater determinism than can possibly be achieved.
  • Isn't crammed with unnecessary (e.g. Task Planning) features.
  • Distributed as Freeware.
  • Easy to install, setup and use.
  • CSV Story import to help get you started quickly.
  • CSV Story export so that you can migrate your Product Backlog to other applications should you wish.
  • 100% Java so you can run it on your preferred platform e.g. Windows, Mac or Linux etc.

The Bottom Line…

Scrumpy has just the features you really need in a clean, simple and free package so you can get started with managing your backlog right away. It gives you more than you can get from a Spreadsheet without becoming an obstacle to face-to-face communication. Of course the truth is that there is no single tool for all situations. Scrumpy was the right tool for mine. Maybe it is a good fit for yours too.

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