• Assists with the process of Product Backlog management without encroaching on activities best supported by other tools i.e. the Scrum Board.
  • Provides a helpful degree of determinism without reinforcing the commonly held misconception that software product development can be more deterministic than is really possible.
  • A simple rich client interface.
  • A concise and coherent model of the Scrum Management Process providing a Scrum shaped container for User Stories but with the necessary flexibility to handle real-world uncertainty.
  • Forecasts when outstanding Stories are likely to be done using the Product Velocity i.e. "When will this Story be done?"
  • Allows you to specify a Forecast date and will colour the outstanding Stories to indicate the confidence one can have that they will be complete by that date i.e. "What will be done by this date?"
  • Illustrates the trajectory of a Product by showing the rate at which work is being added to and taken off the Product Backlog.
  • Assists with Sprint planning and monitoring continual improvement by capturing and illustrating a Team's Velocity over time.
  • Organisation of a number of related Products and the Teams that work on them into Portfolios.
  • Simple User Story entry.
  • Simple Drag'n'Drop priorisation of a multiple of Stories
  • Stories can be organised into Releases.
  • Highlights Releases with incomplete Stories so that you can see if a Release is ready.
  • Simple Drag'n'Drop assignment of a multiple of Stories to a Release.
  • Copy & Paste of Stories into Excel via the Clipboard.
  • Calculates the Minimum, Average and Maximum Team Velocity.
  • Highlights active Sprints so that you can see what is currently on the go.
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