Installing and Running Scrumpy

Note you will need to have a Java 6 JRE installed to run Scrumpy. If you don't have one installed you can get it from here.


Scrumpy is distributed as a self-extracting executable jar file which supports the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. All you need to do is to launch the scrumpy-x.y.z-install.jar and follow the instructions presented by the install program.

This can be done on the command line with: java -jar scrumpy-x.y.z-install.jar

Warning! Different versions of Scrumpy will be installed in different directories from each other. If however, you re-install the same version of Scrumpy you will delete your old database. If you want to keep it make a copy of the scrumpydb sub-directory and re-instate it after you have installed the new version.

Note that if you are installing the application on Windows Vista you will need to run the installer in a cmd window with increased priviledges (as described here). Otherwise you are likely to encounter this problem.

Running Scrumpy

To learn how to import your User Stories from Excel take a look at the Getting Started section of the FAQ.


  • Run the Scrumpy application Icon from the Scrumpy Program Group on the Windows Start Menu
  • Or you can run the …\scrumpy-x.y.z\bin\scrumpy.bat file if you prefer.


You will need to ensure that the /bin/bash shell to be on the path and that JAVA_HOME variable is set to a Java 6 JRE or JDK. The distribution contains a simple bash shell script to run the application. You will need to:

  • cd into the installation bin directory i.e. cd …/scrumpy-x.y.z/bin
  • make the script executable i.e. chmod u+x
  • execute the script i.e. ./


Follow the instructions as described above for Linux. If you need to install JDK/JRE 6 then you may have to run the Java Preferences tool (found via spotlight) to move it to the top of the list of Java versions in the applications section.


On Windows you can run the Uninstall application icon from the Scrumpy Program Group on the Windows Start Menu. On the other platforms you need to run the installer manually as follows:

  • cd into the uninstaller sub-directory i.e. cd …/scrumpy-x.y.z/uninstaller
  • and launch the uninstaller i.e. java -jar uninstaller.jar
  • Remember that you will lose whatever data you have entered so take a copy if you want to keep it.

Other Platforms

If you would like support for a particular platform you can make a request here.

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